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diretor - art director - scenographer

This work is a scenic installation that experiments the crossing between theater, installation and performance, using the text Striptease (written by Lola Arias).

A girl talking to her ex-girlfriend (a voice-over that fills the entire space). The scenery is an installation composed by a plant in a white vase, white floor, white curtains, white pallets and a glass jar with a white wedding dress inside.

The audience is allowed to walk through the space during the performance, bu it cannot cross the white curtains or invade the white floor.

After its ending, the white curtains are opened and the the people are invited to visit the visual installaiton behind it (Emptiness) and then leave the space. 

When the room is empty again, the performance restarts and a new audience is invited to get into the space.

Striptease (26).jpg
Striptease (24).jpg


Written by Lola Arias --- Directed by Henrique Bueno

Assistant director: Raiza Rameh          Cast: Elisa Ottoni          Art director: Carolina Costa and Henrique Bueno         Scenographer: Carolina Costa and Henrique Bueno         Costume Designer: Carolina Costa         Lighting Designer: Henrique Bueno         Sound Designer: Henrique Bueno and Raiza Rameh         Photographer: Livia Kessedjian         Executive ProductionHenrique Bueno and Raiza Rameh

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